Peerless Emergency Response Training Metro Chattanooga

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Advanced Cardiac Life Support – Our ACLS course is a two day 13.5 hour class designed to provide advanced care providers updated training for response to a cardiac patient in crisis.  When someone is a victim of cardiac issues, time is important to prevent further heart damage and possibly death.  Our stress free atmosphere is very conducive to learning for our students.  We focus on skills and knowledge necessary to intervene in theses crisis moments without a threatening demeanor.  This approach allows our students to focus on learning the material and putting it to use for the various segments of a code.

Textbooks are recommended for this course.  The online pre-test is highly recommended and encouraged.  Prior training in reading ECG strips from a cardiac monitor as well as the pharmacologic agents used is vital as these are not part of the training for this course.  We offer a combination ECG / Pharmacology course which is available before most advanced course offerings.

The new focus on a team approach when caring for patients in various code situations has been instrumental in delivering to students the needed tools to offer the appropriate care.  Classes are video based and includes hands-on practice time and also may allow other advanced skills to be assessed such as endotracheal intubation or interosseous injections. Students will learn treatments for various dysrhythmias such as supraventricular tachycardia, bradycardia, PEA, Asystole, V-tach ( with and without a pulse), and V-fib.

We offer part two skills check off sessions for those completing the online courses.  Just bring your completion certificate and schedule a time to complete your skills with an instructor.

Peerless uses the curriculum of the American Heart Association®.