Peerless Emergency Response Training Metro Chattanooga

Emergency Medical Responder

This 48 hour emergency medical responder course (formerly known as first responder) is designed to provide initial training to individuals that may respond to emergencies in the workplace. The level of care is somewhat higher than a provider of just basic first aid. This course will teach participants how to identify life threatening events and treat them appropriately while awaiting advance care from EMS.

These students will learn a wide variety of topics covering the main systems of the body and how they function. Care rendered is based on the state and local laws plus the authority of the medical director for the providers.

Textbooks are required for this course and should be delivered to students approximately two weeks prior to beginning of course. An average of greater than 70% must be maintained and all major tests must be successfully passed (both written and practical skills). Emergency Medical Responder students will perform assessments on both trauma and medical patients, package for spinal motion restriction, control bleeding, assist in childbirth, splint fractures, and a wide array of other skills within this scope of practice. Training is very intense and time management is vital for the success of the student with regards to the amount of reading and practice of skills outside of the classroom environment.

This emergency medical responder course is offered at least four times each year and fills quickly as there is limited seating. Thirty days advanced notice is required to book this class.

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (CPR) is required for entry into this class and is
offered separately.