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Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support – PALS course is a two day 12 hour class designed to provide advanced care providers updated training for response to pediatric crisis patients.  It seems our personal fear usually impacts these events because we are dealing with a child.  Though it is very difficult to ever be comfortable with these events, this course is designed to provide a template approach to assessment and treatment for the most common pediatric problems.

As we all know, we often feel insecure because of the lack of frequency in responding to pediatric crisis events.  The new team approach is designed to give students both the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and treat children with problems associated with the respiratory system, cardiac problems or shock.  As these are the most life threatening problems associated with pediatric crisis, it is important our students feel both confident and willing to help when needed.

Several hands on approach and our practice sessions are completed to assure this confidence in skills.  Our classroom environment is conducive to learning as we offer a stress free approach to learning the materials.  Textbooks are recommended prior to this course and the online pre-test should be completed.  If you are unsure of ECG interpretation or the use of pharmacologic drugs in the course, please consider our ECG / Pharmacology course prior to taking this class.  As online training is available from AHA, your completion certificate is required for entry into the part two skills check off segment of the training.

We use the curriculum of the American Heart Association®.

Certification cards are valid for two years and refresher training is recommended prior to expiration of credentials.AHALogo_full_red_blk@2x