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Keeping patients warm during winter calls

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Posted Nov 27, 2012

With the weather turning colder, it’s important to take precautions to make sure your patients stay as warm as possible to help prevent heat loss and enhance heat retention. In an article for the EMS1 website, Greg Friese says:

Cold weather operations are well underway in the northern tier of the United States. Being cold is a common patient complaint. When assessing and treating patients in a cold environment, do these simple things to help prevent heat loss and enhance heat retention.

Greg goes on to give five tips for keeping patients warm, such as covering the patient with an insulating layer and minimizing the amount of time a backboard is in the cold. You can read all his tips here.

If you regularly transport patients in the cold, consider having some emergency blankets on hand.

Post by: Wayne Young
Wayne Young is a 25 year licensed paramedic and level III paramedic instructor approved by th State of Georgia. He is also licensed as a P.O.S.T. Guest lecturer. He serves as our lead educator and team coordinator.

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