Peerless Emergency Response Training Metro Chattanooga

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Patrick McDougal, MD, Medical Director

Dr. McDougal serves as Medical Director for our business and is on call for all advanced care courses. He served in EMS as a Paramedic and is now an Emergency Care Physician. He has the desire to provide the best emergency response training we can offer. He is very active in the level of care provided in the field and assists in teaching staff to assure the latest information is being delivered. He also serves as the Region One EMS Medical Director in Georgia. We are very fortunate to have his expertise helping lead our company into the future. Send email

Jenene Young, President & CEO

Jenene has obtained licensure in both the fire service and as an EMT=I in Georgia. She serves as the President & CEO of Peerless and is focused on delivering the highest quality emergency response training courses available in the area. She oversees all operations of the business and schedules specialty training classes for clients. Send email

Wayne Young, AAS, NREMT-P, Chief Operating Officer

Wayne is a licensed Paramedic and Instructor in Georgia. He serves as our lead educator and coordinates team members for larger training courses. With twenty four years in both the Fire and EMS services of public safety, Wayne has an ability to add a real world feel to the classroom environment. He is very passionate about sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years and it shows in his teaching style. Having been awarded Georgia’s Fire Service Educator of the Year and Region One EMT of the Year, Wayne always strives to demand the best care for patients and also wants nothing less for his students. Send email

Karen Pickett, Director of Client Services

Karen Pickett has been affiliated with Peerless Emergency Response Training for several years and serves as Client Services Administrator.  Karen understands the needs of our clients and can usually  find a way to satisfy even the most difficult scheduling dilemmas.  We appreciate her being on our team as we continue to grow our business. Send email

Becca Young, Assistant Manager

Becca has  grown up around public safety and this allows her the ability to add a bit of realism to her courses. She is an asset for the company in that she is assisting with our technology needs and moving into the digital age of training and record keeping. She is a valued asset to the company and her assistance in teaching is irreplaceable. Send email

Tiffany Williams AEMT, Operations Manager / Educator

Tiffany has been an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for several years. She serves as the Chief EMR Educator for our first responders. She has been around public safety all her life and has a great idea about the importance of education in all aspects of emergency response. Her experience allows reality to show in her training programs. Send email

Stan Chambers, RN, Advanced Course Educator

Stan has over 25 years experience as a registered nurse. He has been delivering emergency care for the majority of those years. He has built a rapport with many other emergency providers and now excels in his delivery of advanced level courses. He believes in having fun while learning difficult content and the success of his students shows this teaching style really works. He continually has high marks on evaluations and great test scores which reflects on his dedication to delivering only the best emergency response training available.  Send email

Angie Stockard, RN/Paramedic, Advanced Course Educator

Angie has been in EMS and nursing for over 15 years. She has the experience needed to assure that emergency response training students can perform upon leaving the classroom. She has a great personality which is very conducive to learning. She is a walking testimonial for women in public safety having served as a Paramedic on an ambulance for several years.  Send email

Steven Tebo, AEMT, Educator

Steven Tebo was among Georgia’s first batch of Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, the new classification that replaces EMT-Intermediate.  He excels at explaining complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand and grasp. Steven truly enjoys helping others and really loves helping students learn about emergency care and response. Send email

Steven Koronka, B.S., NREMT-P, CCEMT-P/ Advanced Course Educator

Steven has a bachelors degree in Fire Science and an Associates degree in Paramedic Technology from Lake Superior State University.  He has worked as a career Firefighter/Paramedic for five years in Minnesota.  He currently works as a critical care Paramedic in East Tennessee.  He has been affiliated with Peerless for several years as an educator.  Steven’s education, experience and desire to stay current with curriculum brings a motivation and drive to every course he teaches.  He is a welcomed addition to our training staff.Send email

Chad Hughey, EMT-P / Advanced Course Educator

Chad has proudly served as a Paramedic practitioner for over sixteen years in the Northwest Georgia area.  He has always served students well with a level of professionalism rarely seen these days.  He is a respected Preceptor for students conducting a field clinical for practicing emergency medicine.  He offers much knowledge and insight on simplifying even our most complicated courses.  Chad is an integral part of our advanced team. Send email

Drew Hood, EMT/Firefighter, Educator

Drew has served for ten years as a firefighter and first responder in Catoosa County, GA. He has always shown a real passion for saving lives and protecting others from harm. He is truly a dedicated member of our team of educators. Send email

Katherine Harris, Educator / Student

Katherine Harris joined our team this year and has been very instrumental in teaching BLS to our high school students. As she is younger, they seem to relate well to her teaching methodology and conducive learning environment. Welcome Aboard! Send email

Kim Smith, BS, Educator / Coordinator Chattanooga State

Kim serves as our site coordinator for courses taught in the Athletic programs for the college. She seeks to have students perform to the best of their abilities should the need arise. She is a valued team member and does an excellent job promoting health and safety. Send email

Joseph Eskridge, Jr. Firefighter/EMT and Educator

Joseph is a new addition to our educational pool and conducts all the training for our Harriman, TN location. He is a dedicated educator and strives for perfection in his courses. Welcome to the team, Joseph! Send email