Peerless Emergency Response Training Metro Chattanooga


Peerless Emergency Response Training is proud of the work we’ve done teaching emergency response in Greater Chattanooga. Read below for a testimonials from our happy clients. Want to add you feedback? Contact us here

Thank you for providing our CNA class with such a wonderful course.  You guys were patient with us and helped one on one when and if we needed it.  Thank you so much Wayne and Steven.

Kristen Peace, CNA

"Always enjoy my ACLS renewal with Wayne. It's less stressful (friendly environment) but he tries to make it simple so everyone can learn."   ACLS Renewal Course Instructor:Wayne Young

Ronetta LaGuardia, RN

It was fun and a great learning experience.  Everyone needs to learn CPR.  It's beyond worth it.

Kristina Hayes, CNA

Wayne is an excellent instructor.  The learning environment is very positive.  He is a leader and very knowledgeable teacher.  I choose to have him teach and recertify my BLS and ACLS.  Wonderful experience!

Missy Walden, RN

Wayne brought so much charisma to thee class, which really allowed me to stay focused and learn all the skills proficiently.  I feel extremely confident in my ability to perform life-saving techniques on my patients.

Kaylee Ann Disterdick, RN BSN

The course was very educational and provided very useful information.

Crystal Hernandez, CCCP

The course was very informative, fun and valuable to all persons of healthcare.  The course has me better prepared pending an emergency.

Daniel Travis COTA/L

The instructors made it so easy to learn.  They made sure everybody understood and really took the time for us to learn the materials.  I feel very prepared and confident with my skills.  Thank you all so much!:)

Karli Grady, CNA

This was an excellent training course that helped me improve my knowledge in CPR.  The instructor was great!  

Kari Beasley, Calhoun Nursing

The instructors were very friendly.  They made my first CPR class interesting and very understandable.  They helped me with my skills and told me how to fix things.

Alicia Johnston, CNA

Great class. Material broken down to make it easy to learn and apply.

Christopher Shay IV, NR-Paramedic

This was the best CPR class I have ever had.  Wayne has a great personality and was able to convey the knowledge with great expertise.  You could tell he really enjoys teaching - it is his forte.  I will definitely come back for my renewal - Thanks Wayne.

Teresa Steen, RN, CPM-TN